Expert preparation for meals you can savor.

Food can be a powerful source of comfort and joy. At our Hollywood senior living community, we’ve created a dining experience that encourages every resident to slow down and reconnect to the unique sense of joy that everyday meals can bring.

Restaurant-Style Dining

We don’t just serve meals, we serve restaurant-style entrées prepared by an expert chef that pays close attention to every ingredient. Menus feature a wide range of options, each of which is designed to appeal to a variety of tastes. Every day you’ll find different options to choose from, ensuring that you always have something new to try and favorites to revisit.

Meals at Presidential Place can also be customized to suit your needs. Have an allergy or dietary restriction? Just talk to our chef. We’ll work with you to ensure your meals are always healthy and delicious, while taking care of any personal needs you may have.

Inviting Dining Space

At Presidential Place, you have the option to slow down and truly experience food every day, deriving joy from the little moments in life. That’s why our dining room features comfortable, upholstered chairs and beautifully set tables. Natural light filters in through the windows and open areas encourage residents to stop and connect.

You’ll find inviting seating that is flexible enough for small groups of friends to dine together on a daily basis or large gatherings with friends and family. Many of our residents regularly invite their favorite dining partners, often grandchildren, to come for a meal. It’s one of the most cherished times in our community – reconnecting with those closest to you and introducing them to your new friends over a meal you can savor. 

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