“It’s a great place. It’s clean, welcoming and family oriented. And when it comes to their people — the general manager, the nurses, the kitchen staff, the maintenance crew, the receptionist — everyone I’ve dealt with is really good at what they do. Presidential Place is very well run, from the top down.”
Clarence Coffee, Son of Rosie Coffee, Presidential Place resident


Clarence Coffee moved his 97-year-old mother, Rosie Coffee, out of the home she’d lived in for 70 years and into Presidential Place four years ago, when it became obvious she was having trouble remembering important things like turning off the stove and making sure the water wasn’t left running in the sink. He said that he and his wife originally moved Rosie into their home, but after a month that “didn’t work well,” realized she needed more care than they could provide. “It wasn’t an easy decision to make,” Clarence said, “but I knew in the long run it would be what was best for Mom. I started my search with a Place for Mom®. I put in the price range, amenities and social makeup I was looking for and got 10 potential places. After visiting them all, including trying out the food, I knew Presidential Place would be the best fit.”

When it came to physically moving his mom into her assisted living efficiency apartment, Clarence said it was more than smooth. “It was easy-peasy, a piece of cake! We did bring some pictures and a couple of chairs and a few other things from her house. The rest of her furniture, like her bed, we bought and had delivered because a lot of what she had in her house just wasn’t going to be a good fit for a small apartment. And Mom needed a smaller living space to keep her from getting frustrated.”

Clarence said that although Rosie still has moments when she misses her house, the rest of the time she seems very happy. “Mom loves living at Presidential Place. She thinks the food is great — and I agree with her — and because she’s in assisted living, she still has a lot of independence when it comes to doing what she wants to do. She can stay in her apartment and watch TV, and before the pandemic lockdown, if she was in the mood, she could go outside for a walk, engage in games and participate in worship services. I know she misses those options now,” he said, “and it will be great when things change and she can enjoy them again.”

He added that even with COVID-19 currently being a part of daily life, he feels his mom is definitely safer where she is now than she would have been if she’d remained in her own home, or in his. “It’s all about safety first.”