“A few months ago, my Mom needed to move from the assisted living community to the memory care neighborhood. I got a call from Presidential Place’s general manager explaining that her dementia had increased and it was time to make a change. It was really remarkable that not only were they able to move her so smoothly during COVID-19, but also that I was able to help.” 
Mark Remoulis, Son of Phyllis Hammond, Presidential Place resident


Although not a native of the Sunshine State, 92-year-old Phyllis Hammond has roots in the Hollywood area that go back 35 years and include a son and a daughter who live within easy visiting distance. Before becoming a Presidential Place resident, Phyllis lived at an independent living community. That changed five years ago when Mark and his sister began noticing the onset of dementia.

“Mom started having more trouble with remembering her medications — how much to take, when to take them or had she taken them already — and was frustrated and anxious because of her memory loss,” Mark said. “My sister and I knew Mom needed to move to an assisted living community. There were four or five in the Hollywood area. Presidential Place was the second closest one to me and had all the amenities and services Mom liked the most. That made the decision easy.”

Mark said that his mom was happy living in assisted living, but immediately acclimated after her move to memory care. “Being able to move from one area of a place where she already felt comfortable into to another area in the same community was a big plus. She’s happy and doing very well. She’s always thought the food and the service was good. Some of that is because the staff gets to know what the residents like.” Recently he said, “when Mom started having trouble with her teeth, the chef started preparing food she would enjoy with that in mind.”

He added his mom also enjoyed her birthday, which was just a week after her move to memory care. “I was able to drop off a cake, decorations and presents from the family. Many of the staff were there to help her celebrate, including the general manager,” Mark said. “They sang to her and I joined in on FaceTime. It was a really nicely done party. Mom was all smiles — it was fantastic!”

Mark also credits the staff with improvement in his mom’s daily life. “Making sure she sees a doctor every two weeks, and specialists when she needs them, is an important part of her care. In addition,” he added, “medication management has made a big difference. I’ve seen a major improvement in her mobility, her independence and in her feeling less anxious.”